Startup lab

Thanks to two years of success at Digital First, the Startup area, a huge gathering of the Belgium's best young entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, is now evolving towards the STARTUP LAB. 200 startups will be welcomed on Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th October. Keep on reading, fill in the 3-step registration procedure as soon as possible and join us to this fabulous gathering! 

Maybe because you want to participate to the biggest entrepreneurs event of Belgium ? Maybe because you want to have a desk at the fair to meet investors, future colleagues and clients ?

In the Startup Lab, 200 startups will be welcomed and presented to the audience. Your startup will enjoy a huge visibility in the centre of the fair (around 8000 sqm) during two days. On the 17th and 18th October, you will meet the Belgian startup ecosystem and access the experts of Digital First and Entreprendre fairs. 

Your startup will also appear in our magazine Inside Digimedia, which will be given out to all participants during the event. Once you are registered, it is also possible to have all your press releases appear on Furthermore, you will get the chance to attend conferences and special workshops, given by our partners, dedicated to startup entrepreneurship. 

Got a fabulous idea and you are willing to raise more money for your startup? You will be able to pitch in front of investors or to practice if you do not feel ready yet. 

Those who are selected are automatically shortlisted for the Startup Lab Awards : a ceremony that will take place in the centre of the fair. The jury team will go through all the submissions. More information about those awards is coming soon.


Please note that a selection procedure will be conducted based on the specific criteria
you will provide (amount you raised so far, the number of people in your team, and the year of foundation) and that only 200 startups will be welcomed.  
Candidates will be informed of the outcome of their application whithin 10 days.
A 250 euro (excluding VAT) fee will be charged to cover your participation if you are selected. 

1-My profile

2-Describe your startup

3-Additional information

Startups Digital First

The next big thing

200 startups will be selected by a well known jury and presented to the Entreprendre Ondernemen  audience. Entreprendre Ondernemen  will gather entrepreneurs, investors, incubators and corporations in the same place. With over 100 startups, workshops, real-life testimonials, Innovative solutions and networking, Entreprendre  is the one of the must attented event of Startups in Belgium.

Startups Digital First

In voorgaande jaren was 88% van de exposanten aanwezig om producten en diensten aan te bieden aan het publiek. 70% nam deel aan de beurs om hun notoriteit te vergroten. Terwijl 63% van de exposanten er naartoe ging om leads te genereren. 56% beweert ook leads te hebben gegenereerd op een doeltreffende manier. Bedrijven die komen om te netwerken, kunnen ook op deze beurs terecht.

Een kwaliteitsvol publiek
Een professioneel publiek is ons doel. Een onderzoek door HEC Consulting geeft aan dat 84% van de exposanten het publiek als professioneel beoordeelt. Minstens 72% is tevreden over de kwaliteit en het aantal bezoekers.